Golden Corral Assistant Manager -- Golden Corral -- Columbus, GA (Manchester Expressway)

Company Name:
Golden Corral
Job Summary:The Assistant Manager, under the supervision of the General Manager, is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating operations and non-management personnel for a single restaurant. In the absence of the General Manager, the Assistant Manager directs restaurant operations to ensure compliance with concept and health and safety standards and acceptable financial performance.Key Performance Elements/Essential Functions: Monitors all restaurant operations and conditions to ensure the quality of the product and customer service. Monitoring includes: Employee job performance; Food and labor costs, budgets, and sales; Compliance with Concept Guidelines; Food and beverage preparation, storage, inventory, and presentation; Food and beverage service; Vendor invoices and the food ordering system; Redbook/manager''s log entries; and Cash transactions, comps or voids, and amounts of cash in drawers.
Examines restaurant for conformance to concept and health standards.
Walks through all restaurant areas to monitor and observe restaurant operations.
Reviews documentation to assess the quality of restaurant operations.
Generates performance reviews for all non-management staff.
Oversees the training of non-management employees.
Assigns duties and responsibilities to employees based upon work requirements.
Provides performance feedback to employees.
Generates work schedules for all restaurant employees.
Communicates with employees, customers, vendors, and concept personnel for various purposes.
Exchanges information about restaurant operations with concept personnel.
Discusses issues related to ordering food, beverages, and supplies from vendors.
Interviews job candidates.
Rectifies customer complaints.
Exchanges and gathers information from employees and customers.
Contacts employees to modify employee work schedules.
Generates documents reporting information concerning the performance of the restaurant.
Maintains documentation in employee personnel files.
Develops a food ordering system to meet the needs of the restaurant.
Generates correspondence with concept personnel.
Documents events in the Redbook/manager''s log.
Operates a computer and associated software (MS Office, internet) and computerized cash register.
When needed, may perform the duties of a food server, expediter, line cook, busser, or food runner.

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